K  A  R  E  N     K  I  E  F  E  R

e s s a y s

Imagine you can

Imagine feeling that drawing and painting and sculpting are as natural as seeing and touching and breathing

Imagine knowing that what you create with your hands is a vital product of your unique person and your unique view of the world

Imagine experiencing that you are fully capable of solving all problems, no matter how overwhelming

Imagine knowing that all problems have solutions given patience and courage and perseverance

Imagine sustaining that everything in life is as it should be

Imagine trusting that there are no mistakes

Imagine feeling that you have the strength to love your self as you are and the courage to always seek to improve

Imagine feeling peaceful in your skin

Imagine feeling electric in your skin

Imagine being able to feel all the pain in the world and still be able to breathe

Imagine being able to feel all the joy in the world and still be able to cry

Imagine celebrating your own human fragility and being able to empathize in this place with others

Imagine knowing that you create beauty

Imagine trusting in your need to experience authenticity

Imagine knowing that you have the strength and skills to face all challenges

Imagine trusting your intuition to guide you through life

Imagine having the ability to clearly express your thoughts and ideas

Imagine knowing you have a valuable story to tell

Imagine knowing that you are alive and that it is good

Imagine believing that what you have to share is vital and is needed by the world

Imagine being able to see the potential of all of these qualities in others

Imagine that right now you hold a path to all of these secrets in your heart and in your hands